Presentations from the 2nd PEARL Lecture Day, Jan 26, 2016 in Oslo

Part 1

Part 2

Procedural pain management for neonates using non-pharmacological strategies

Marsha Campbell-Yeo

Infant pain and sleep

Anna Axelin

The effect of early pain on later pain experiences

Bente Vederhus

Integrated clinical pain management

Solfrid Steinnes

Randi Dovland Andersen

Findings from the EUROPAIN-study – pain management in neonatal intensive care

Cooling for pain relief in infants and toddlers

Guðrún Kristjánsdóttir

Interactive infant-directed singing as supportive music therapy for premature and term newborns during painful procedures

Alexandra Ullsten

PEARL – a new network for research and education about pain in early life

Mats Eriksson