Publications and presentations from our projects

Publications and presentations from PEARL-projects

Dovland Andersen R, Axelin A, Kristjánsdóttir G, Eriksson M. PEARL - Pain in Early Life. A New Network for Research and Education. J Perinat Neonatal Nurs 2017;31(2)91-95.


Dovland Andersen R, Axelin A, Eriksson M, Kristjánsdóttir G. PEARL - Pain in Early Life. A new network for research and education. Poster at Scandiavian Association for the Study of Pain annual meeting. Reykjavik 2016-05-26--27. Also published in Scandinavian Journal of Pain 2016;12:117-118 DOI: 10.1016/j.sjpain.2016.05.006


Eriksson M, Dovland Andersen R. PEARL. Nytt nordiskt nätverk stärker arbetet mot smärta tidigt i livet. Tidskrift for barnesykepleire 2016 (2): 9-10




Eriksson M, Dovland Andersen R. PEARL. Nytt nordiskt nätverk stärker arbetet mot smärta tidigt i livet. Barnbladet 2016 41 (2), 6-7


Olsson E, Atladóttir S M, Axelin A, Campbell-Yeo M, Eriksson M, Peltonen E, Stevens B, Yamada J, Dovland Andersen R, for PEARL – Pain in Early Life - research group. Translation, cultural adaptation and validation of the revised version of the Premature Infant Pain Profile: An effort to improve pain assessment in infants in the Nordic countries. Research protocol. Poster at 10th International Forum on Pediatric Pain, White Point Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada. 2015-10-01--04.


Dovland Andersen R, Eriksson M. PEARL – a new network for research and education about pain in early life and the PIPP-R project. Oral presentation at Norwegian Pediatric Pain Association annual meeting, Oslo, Norway. 2016-05-09.






Some publications from two or more PEARL-researchers that you might find interesting, even if they don't stem from specific PEARL-projects:



















And here is the entire list of the pain- and stress-related publications of all PEARL-members, since the research group was established




  • Birnie KA, Ullsten A. PICH2GO event summary. SIG Pain in Childhood Newsletter. 2018 (May).


Pain 2019. DOI: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001289


























  • Ullsten A. Familjecentrerad och individanspassad neonatal musikterapi för sjuka spädbarn, deras föräldrar samt vårdpersonal [Familycentered and individual neonatal music therapy for sick newborn infants, their parents and health personell]. In Sandell A, Hammarlund I, Kuuse A. Johnels L (ed.) Möten, musik, mångfald - perspektiv på musikterapi. Förbundet för musikterapi i Sverige 2017 (p 55-76).







  • Eriksson M, Norman E. Nyfödda barns smärta [Pain in newborn infants]. In Lundeberg S, Olsson G (eds). Smärta och smärtbehandling hos barn och ungdomar [Pain and pain management in children and adolescents]. Studentlitteratur. Lund 2016.


  • Kristjánsdóttir G. Algengi verkja meðal íslenskra unglinga 1989 og 2006, [The prevalence of pain among Icelandic teenagers in 1989 and 2006]. In book: Ungt fólk, tekist á við tilveruna, [Young People, encountering their existence]. Editors: Kristjánsdóttir G, Aðalbjarnardóttir S, Bender S Publisher: Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag 2016.



  • Mörelius E. Infants' salivary cortisol levels. In Ziegler-Hill V & Shackelford TK (eds) Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences. Springer 2016.




  • Palomaa A-K, Korhonen A, Pölkki T (2016). Vanhempien ehdotuksia vastasyntyneiden kivunhoidon kehittämiseksi sairaalassa: tavoitteena vanhempien osallistumisen edistäminen. (Parents’ suggestions for the development of neonatal pain management in hospitals: aiming at promoting parents’ participation.) Tutkiva Hoitotyö, 14(4): 4 – 11.













  • Mörelius E, Örtenstrand A, Theodorsson E, Frostell A. A randomised trial of continuous skin-to-skin contact after preterm birth and the effects on salivary cortisol, parental stress, depression, and breastfeeding. Early Human Development, 2015 Jan;91(1):63-70. i: 10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2014.12.005







PEARL is an acronym for Pain in Early Life. We are a group of researchers dedicated to the management of pain in infants and children.