PEARL is an acronym for "Pain in Early Life". We are a group of researchers dedicated to better pain management for infants and children.


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Mats Eriksson

Presentations from the 3rd PEARL Lecture Day, March 28, 2017 in Turku

Linda Franck

Procedural pain management for neonates using non-pharmacological strategies


Tarja Pölkki

Parental participation in their neonates’ pain alleviation

Emma Olsson

Skin-to-skin care: implementation, fathers’ experiences and pain relieving effects

Risk-factor and consequences of pain in school-children - Their coping and their use of pain medications



Helle Haslund

Magdalena Panek

Hot topics in neonatal nursing


Danish experiences with implementation of infant pain assessment at a national level

Pain management in neonatal intensive care units in Poland

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